Friday, 7 April 2017

The Last Teddy Bear

One day I went with my friend and my teddy to a park in Hamilton.We went because we were so bored.

There were lots of children with their teddy bears. I never knew that my teddy could come alive but he did. When my teddy came alive he got hungry. He saw all the other bears, he ran and ate one. All the owners ran away but the teddy bears stayed. After a long time all the bears were gone. My teddy was the last teddy in the world.

My teddy went to teddy bear jail and I never saw him again because he had no connection to the outside world.
By Bianca

Icing a buiscuit

Duck in the Pond

Duck in the pond

One day a duck named Buck was swimming in a pond. He was in that pond when he was a child, but his mother went to the wild. He liked to glide on the water but he couldn’t stop thinking about his mother. The sky was getting red so he ate some bread. Buck heard some rustling in the bushes, it scared him so he made some wishes. In those bushes was a sheep and then it said a little “Peep!” Buck was so lonely but he found a friend finally! Buck said “Hey wanna play?” And the sheep said “Yes I may!” Then they were playing with a ball and the sheep had quite a fall. “Ouch!” said sheep. “Are you ok?” said Buck. Sheep was fine but couldn’t whine. Buck liked sheep and learned how to peep.
By Jay

A Frog on a Log

The Frog on the Log
The animal on a log,
a frog named Bog
He sat there very still
 then boom!
A zebra popped out of a bush
The zebra was still like a pill
It was at a forest,
With some chorus
It was day,
you can say
Because the frog was there,
with no friends.
All he did is stare at a log,
but don’t forget
he was Bog
But then the zebra asked,
“hey wanna play”
the frog said
“yes I may!”

By Sumeet

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Cyclone Crazy

Over the last two days, NZ was hit by a massive cyclone. The wild raining weather caused power cuts and floods. Cyclone Debbie came from Australia and slowly came to NZ. The people of NZ, especially Auckland and Wellington got power cuts and floods.


Too Much Rain

The people in New Zealand had a big flood. In Papatoetoe they had a power cut. Too much rain caused floods and power cuts all over the country. Cyclone Debbie came from Australia and caused a lot of damage.


In NZ there was a bad storm which caused power cuts and floods affecting New Zealanders, especially in  North Island. There was to much rain and it has caused floods and power cuts. Many schools and airports were forced to close. There was a power cut in Papatoetoe and our school lost the internet connection.